I am a first semester student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and after my first two classes in photography I was totally lost. The teacher lectured on shutter speeds, F-Stops, and ISO speed and assigned the first homework and but I didn't even know how to work my camera! I found Rebecca on Craigs list and she helped me put into practice what I had learned in class. Rebecca walked me step by step through the principles my teacher had lectured about in class. Yet more importantly, she made me DO it. She had me take pictures as she guided me through what to do and if I wasn't doing something right she corrected me. It was a tremendous help. After ninety minutes I knew how to work my camera, and could put into practice adjusting shutter speeds, F-stops, and ISOs. After seeing Rebecca I was able to take control of the pictures I wanted to take.

P. Kanai
Oakland, CA 2008

As an amateur photographer using a digital camera, I always used the Automatic settings for my shots. I reached the point where I wanted to learn more about photography and the manual features of the camera to enhance the quality of my photographs. For this reason, I began lessons with Rebecca Weinstein who is an accomplished professional photographer. She has the unique ability to clearly and simply explain the basic fundamentals of photography and how to use them with my camera. My first lesson included a hands on experience with my camera using that lesson on lighting and an on the spot constructive feedback for my practice. I highly recommend lessons with Rebecca.

B R Carr
Berkeley, CA 2008

It had been about ten years since I had touched a camera at all - and I had never used a digital camera at all. I needed someone to explain the bells and whistles to me of my digital SLR (Leica Digilux) as well as remind me of aperture, shutter speed settings, etc. in layman terms I could understand. I found Rebecca on craigslist - and had one lesson. In two hours we covered the bells and whistles of the camera, took some photos together, and I was sent off with an assignment - take ten photos of ten subjects. It seemed so daunting! And once I started, I couldn't stop - and I still can't - three years later!

T. Michelucci
Alameda, CA 2007

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